Interview: Mo Kolours

Mo Kolours by Chloe Dewe Mathews

Across a triology of EPs, Peckham’s Mo Kolours has stitched together a melee of sounds to create a psychedelic tapestry that’s tantalisingly tricky to pigeonhole. His lush palette puts flipped-out dub at its heart, with the roominess of Studio One’s former glories appearing to blink back to life.

The sold-out Tusk Dance is Joe ‘Mo Kolours’ Deenmamode’s most recent EP on One-Handed Music, and completes his run of small-scale releases for the label.

It offers the most introspective glimpse into Joe’s mindset to date, serving up seven tracks of faded afro-beat that rub alongside bedroom-pop vocal refrains and dusty drum loops.

Much has already been made of Joe’s Mauritian heritage, and while the sega music of his father’s native soil is an obvious inspiration, he’s also clearly stirred by the jazzed-out hip-hop of Quasimoto and the dark electronica of his south London home.

His aural delights have already caught the ear of DJ supremo Gilles Peterson, who invited him down to play at a Brownswood Basement Session earlier this year. Meanwhile plaudits have come in thick and fast over the last 18 months for all three releases, with Fact, Stool Pigeon and Prefix Mag helping to bring his music to a wider audience.

We caught up with him at last weekend’s excellent Psych Fest to learn how he puts his music together, from developing the very first inkling of a track to playing out live.

Above picture by Chloe Dewe Mathews.

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