M meets… Arun Ghosh

Photo: Sam Ellis

Clarinetist Arun Ghosh’s music draws on influences from his Indian Heritage, upbringing in Bolton, education in Manchester and current home in London.

A melodic mixture of raag, tabla, drum ‘n’ bass, folk, reggae and soul collide with jazz to produce unique, potent and engaging music. Ghosh uses jazz as a prism through which he draws in his influences, creating something totally new.

A talented composer, Ghosh has created an original Indo-Jazz chamber work – A South Asian Suite (partly funded by the PRS for Music Foundation) and a new score for the animated film The Adventures of Prince Achmed.

The follow-up to Ghosh’s debut album, Northern Namaste is out now. Primal Odyssey is a collection of eleven tracks featuring a band consisting of Arun Ghosh, Idris Rahman, Shabaka Hutchings, Liran Donin and Pat Illingsworth.

Arun has composed the music for a production of The Snow Queen, currently playing at The Unicorn Theatre  in London.

Watch part one of our interview with Arun and a special live performance of Lal Qil’ ah (The Red Fort) from his current album Primal Odyssey.