Road to SXSW: Doe

doe music

Angry optimists Doe are an indie-rock trio who power their music with aggressively melodic hooks and heavy riffs.

Influenced by the likes of The Breeders and Sleater Kinney, the outfit have risen from their DIY base to release their ace, globe-trotting debut album, Some Things last Longer Than You.

The MJ-produced set (Hookworms/Suburban Home) cropped up on loads of Best Of 2016 lists and won them heaps of praise Stateside.

As they prep for their first ever trip to SXSW, we team up with DIY to find out what’s in store, why vegan junk food rules and who they’re most looking forward to hooking up with out in Austin, Texas.

Doe have been funded by PRS Foundation’s International Showcase Fund to attend SXSW. Learn more about the initiative.

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