Just Joined December 2016

We profile the latest crop of talented new songwriters and composers to join PRS for Music in the latest quarter including Pixie Geldof, UK grime producer Lolingo and new indie darlings King Nun…

Pixie Geldof
As the daughter of pop star Bob Geldof and the late TV presenter Paula Yates, Pixie Geldof has lived her whole life under the garish glare of the media spotlight. It means she’s well known for many things, but not her music. The release of her 2016 debut solo album I’m Yours suggests this is all about to change, with the collection of dream pop and balmy, sophisticated Americana swerving the public trauma of a life too often sliced and diced across the tabloids.

Although the tragedy that followed Pixie’s family since the loss of her mother – and later her sister Peaches – has been well-documented, her music and songwriting have surely offered some respite from the turmoil.

In 2012, she began crafting songs and recording demos, later touring with her lo-fi grunge outfit Violet. At some point, Pixie managed to shake off the fuzz and feedback of these early musical endeavours, instead opening herself up to gentler, more grown-up sonic pastures thanks in part to producer Tony Hoffer and arranger and composer David Campbell.

The resulting debut solo record will be a surprise to many and is testament to how much remains unknown about Geldof. She’s been writing songs on the quiet all this time, with her tentative musical ambitions now delivered as an ace collection of leftfield pop.

The songs are lovelorn paeans inspired by the music she’s adored forever, from Mazzy Star to the ghostly guitars of the country greats and gossamer wash of Warpaint and Lana Del Rey. The album was recorded in Los Angeles in autumn-winter 2015 and sounds as if Pixie sought inspiration in the melancholy of the deserts surrounding that sprawling metropolis. Forget the famous family and fashionable friends – if you want to know the real Pixie Geldof, then this woozy, eccentric record is your real introduction.



While Skepta, Stormzy and Lady Leshurr have helped make 2016 a landmark year for UK grime, fans of the scene’s bass, beats and rhymes are now clamouring to find the next wave of MCs and producers destined to break through.

Step forward Lewisham beat maker Lolingo, a youth tipped as one of the key architects in helping build the grime of tomorrow.

Alongside DeeJillz, Elf Kid and Novelist, Lolingo is one of the founding members of teenage South London collective, The Square. They represent the next generation of conscious-minded, new school grime, with Lolingo the production lynchpin around which the rest of the MCs swing their lyrical jabs.

With Elf Kid’s Golden Boy, a re-work of Izzy Bizu and the majority of production work on The Square’s debut mixtape The Formula all under his belt, Lolingo’s beats are some of the most vital around, doing damage from the street to the rave.


King Nun

King Nun
New band King Nun sound as brash, exciting and full throttle as you’d expect any gang of 18-year-old noiseniks to be. Theo (vocals, guitar), James (guitar), Nathan (bass) and Caius (guitar) make up the London group, who are gearing up to take 2017 by the scruff of the neck and give it a serious shaking with their ferocious, guitar-splattered noise.

New single Tulip, and flip Speakerface, has just been released as a limited seven-inch via Dirty Hit, the label behind the stellar success of young acts The 1975, Wolf Alice and The Japanese House. King Nun’s star has since risen drastically, with the single landing on BBC Radio 1’s playlist and a support slot with Liverpool band Circa Waves in the bag. It all suggests that you’ll be hearing a lot more from them when the starting gun for 2017 goes off…


Pussy Mothers

Pussy Mothers
The ‘ungoogleable’ Pussy Mothers are the product of a meeting of deviant minds from Scotland and Australia, a pair of music makers conjuring up audio trouble via Glasgow’s Optimo Music.

The pair released their first EP earlier in the summer to no small acclaim, a clattering danceable blend of chasing percussion, vocal athletics and hand claps all cut above a platter of disco junk funk and a passion for early hip-hop clatters.

According to the duo, the release took shape in the tenement flats of Glasgow before coming alive in a series of parties held at the city’s Green Door Studios. It’s the same primordial soup that gave birth to fellow M favourites Golden Teacher and shows that when it comes to rhythm and sound, there are few shaking it up like the current crop of Glaswegian artists…