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Edwin Cox, West One Music GroupWelcome to the first of a new series of Sync Reviews – a slot to showcase notable publisher music placements across TV, film, trailers and more.

We’d like to make this a monthly online feature as well as a quarterly print article, so please get in touch via magazine@prsformusic.com with news of your exciting new sync deals and we’ll report the facts.

The first edition of Sync Review comes courtesy of global independent publisher West One Music Group. Edwin Cox, the managing and creative director, recently joined the PRS for Music board of directors. (pictured left)


princess-diana-movie-posterSYNC REVIEW

Who? West One Music Group

What? Pure Minds, composed by Paul Reeves; Propelling Force, composed by Nigel Graham and Christian Telford

Where? Diana, feature film trailer, worldwide

Diana is a new biopic documenting the last two years in the life of Diana, Princess of Wales. It was directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, stars Naomi Watts and was backed by Ecosse Films, Embankment Films and eOne. Kiran Patel, a music consultant at West One Music Group, pitched two tracks for the trailer; Paul Reeves’ Pure Minds and Propelling Force by Nigel Graham and Christian Telford.

‘It can take anything up to three or four months to get a deal in place for a feature film trailer or teaser. You often find that a number of trailer houses are working on the same project so the final music choice also depends on which trailer house completes the project,’ he said.

Both instrumental pieces already existed in West One’s production music catalogue. They were lifted from two different orchestral albums that had been funded by the publisher. Kiran contacted Creative Partnership trailer house to suggest Pure Minds for the intro cue slot. ‘I found the track worked so well without being overbearing or challenging the script in the mix.

Kiran Patel

Kiran Patel

‘It was originally written as part of the Life in Motion album project. The writing was done over a six-month period and produced by the team here alongside Paul. The concept for the album was to create powerful and majestic tracks that start out small and build to a strong, thematic climax. Although orchestral in instrumentation, we were definitely going for more of a “pop” feel,’ he explains.

‘On the other hand, Propelling Force was written in LA as part of the Enlightenment album brief, which was much more cinematic in style – both composers are deeply involved in Hollywood movie and TV land.

‘Again, we were using string orchestra and strong themes but this time there were many more programmed elements, electronic atmospheres and light but almost trailer-style percussion. It has a wonderful pulsating string motif that slowly builds; it drives the action as the trailer reaches its narrative conclusion.’

Pure Minds was produced in London, although the strings were recorded in Budapest with a fixed string orchestra of 56 players. All of the overdubs were recorded at West One Music in London and the piano was recorded at Wigmore Hall in London. The final mix was was done at West One Music. The whole process usual takes West One around six months to complete.

Propelling Force was produced in LA, recorded in Burbank Studios using a fixed LA string section of 34 players. The album features many programmed and vocal elements and these were produced first in the composers’ studio with the strings added on after. The West One team was on hand to assist with the string recording and editing and the sessions were brought back to London for the final mix.

Diana was released in the UK on 20 September.


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