Halo 4 becomes highest charting game soundtrack

Halo 4 Original SoundtrackThe Halo series of games have been popular since the the inception of the Xbox, with the franchise spinning off to create comics, books and repeated talk of a film adaptation. Now, for the first time, the soundtrack to one of the games has garnered attention all of its own.

Halo 4 has won a record for the highest charting game soundtrack ever, currently at number 50 in the Billboard Chart, number 10 in the Independent Album Billboard chart and  number three the National Soundtrack Chart in the US. The cinematic soundscape was composed and produced by award-winning PRS for Music member Neil Davidge.

Davidge has created a beautiful, evocative soundtrack that suits the rich world of Halo perfectly; from Nemesis which captures the spirit of combat with its dramatic, operatic vocals to the tranquil Requiem, which evokes imagery of exploring the breathtaking landscapes of alien worlds.

Halo 4 was not officially released until today, so the chart record is quite an achievement and is indicative of the franchise’s fanbase. Davidge hand-picked a 16 strong, all-male bass and tenor choir, 10 women from the London Bulgarian Choir and a 50 piece orchestra to record the soundtrack at London’s Abbey Road Studios.

‘It was an honor to compose and produce the Halo 4 score,’ said Davidge. ‘I’m so proud of the way the soundtrack has turned out and to have had the opportunity to evolve the great legacy of Halo music.’

Prior to the Halo 4 soundtrack, Davidge has worked with the likes of Massive Attack, David Bowie and Primal Scream.


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