Listen to Adopt a Composer premieres on BBC Radio 3

Making Music

Making Music announces the radio premiere of six new musical works from amateur orchestras, scheduled for broadcast on BBC Radio 3 over the course of one week this January.  

These new works, due to be broadcast from 23-27 January, are the product of Making Music’s popular Adopt a Composer scheme, which has been running annually since 2000.

The scheme pairs innovative new composers with selected amateur orchestras over a period of several months, to create new scores.

Adopt a Composer challenges both amateur orchestra and composer to respond to the requirments and skills of one another, with fascinating musical results.

The 2015/16 pairings draw on broad inspirations – from a collection of artefacts discovered by a lorry driver in 1940 (The Thame Hoard by Neil Tomas Smith), to today’s ongoing refugee crisis (Journeys by Alison Willis).

BBC Radio 3 will broadcast the works on the following dates:

Mon 23 Jan 9:20pm – Thame Chamber Choir with Neil Tomas Smith and the Jan Modelski Community Orchestra with Chris Hutchings

Tue 24 Jan 9:30pm – Chiltern Youth Chamber Orchestra with Alison Willis

Wed 25 Jan 9:30pm – La Nova Singers with Ed Scolding

Thu 26 Jan 9:25pm – Lincoln Ukulele Band with Angela Slater

Fri 27 Jan 9:40pm – East London Community Band with Lee Westwood

This year’s 2016/2017 pairings will be performed at concerts in spring and summer 2017.


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