Top 10 advert songs

PRS for Music has used its unique data to reveal the top 10 most performed songs and jingles featured in commercials over the past five years.

Top 10 Most Performed Songs in Advertising
1 The Polyphonic Spree: Light and Day Sainsbury’s Try Something New Today
2 Nina Simone: Ain’t Got No – I got life Müller
3 Elena Kats-Chernin: Eliza’s Aria Lloyds TSB for the Journey
4  Take That: Shine Morrison’s
5  The Noveltones: Left Bank Two Waitrose – Essentials Range
6 Badly Drawn Boy: All Possibilities Comet – Scooter
7 Knickknack: Bobby McFerrin– Bupa
8 Natasha Bedingfield: Unwritten– Pantene Pro-V
9   Sean Paul: Send it On – Vauxhall Corsa
10 Gotan Project: Epoca– Finish Dishwasher Tablets
Source: PRS for Music

Topping the list is The Polyphonic Spree with Light and Day used in the Sainsbury’s Try Something New Today campaign fronted by celebrity chef Jamie Oliver. Sainsbury’s has used various slogans over the years but this was launched in an effort to make consumers venture into purchasing more varied goods.

Coming in second is Müller with their popular TV campaign featuring Ain’t Got No, I Got Life by Nina Simone. Launched originally in 2006, it focused on people dancing and smiling whilst eating Müller yoghurts and more recently featuring their Shropshire-based factory to emphasise the closeness of supply from the surrounding area of its factory.

The use of classical music is also popular with high street bank Lloyds TSB and Finish Dishwater Tablets both appearing in the top 10. A calm piece of classical music can evoke various feelings and moods on an audience and can be seen as more effective when trying to relax your audience.
Famous use of classical music in advertising

1    Hovis – Dvorak’s – Symphony No. 9, Opus 95, From the New World
2    British Airways – Delibes’ Flower Duet from Lakmé
3    Hamlet – Bach – Air from Suite 3 in D major
4    Old Spice – Orff – O Fortuna from Carmina Burana – Carl Orff
5    Black & Decker – Rimsky-Korsakov Flight of the Bumble – Bee

The results also cover the most performed jingles – music made specifically for an advertising campaign.  Jingles are popular as they can be tailored to mirror key messages with catchy lyrics / music to make people remember the product or service name.

Top 10 Most Performed Jingles
1    Optical Express
2    National Accident Helpline
3    Direct Line
4    Churchhill Insurance
5    PC World
6    Go Compare Insurance
7    Vanish Oxi Action
8    Revels – Take a Chance
9    Zurich Change Happenz
Source: PRS for Music

Roger Greenaway, PRS for Music member and co-writer of I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing the iconic music used for Coca-Cola said: ‘Music makes an emotional impact upon people and a well crafted song can lock in the listeners mind for life making it a powerful marketing tool. There’s a split between brands that use specific jingles and those that prefer to sample well known music by popular bands but one thing is clear: the right song boosts an ad and can create a positive association to a brand – gold dust for marketers!’

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Rod Argent tells the story behind The Zombies’ Time of The Season which has recently been used in a successful Magner’s cider advertising campaign.