Featured artist: Corre

Corre - electronic & contemporary classical

Who? Henry Green and Hattie Ellis are the creative collaborators behind Corre.

What? Ambient, atmospheric instrumental sounds exploring the gap between electronic and classical.

What’s the story? Corre (pronounced koh-ra) set out to make tracks with a bold mission statement: to redress the balance between electronic and contemporary classical music through a union of sound and visuals.

Inspired by crossover composers like Nils Frahm and Max Richter, electronic composer Henry Green is the man behind the noise, while his partner Hattie Ellis designs the graphics and visuals.

The pair’s recent debut AA-single A Spark, A Beginning and Proceed was released on Akira Records and serves up a pair of multi-layered, sonic wonders that fuse Korg synthesiser loops with traditional instruments like violin, piano and classical guitar. The tracks are the perfect introduction to the duo’s exploration of natural and synthetic sounds, which they create in a short space of time, in order to ‘capture a mood or moment as organically as possible’.

Sounds like? A lush, constantly moving multi-media soundscape to bliss out to.

Predicted to? Wow critics with their debut album Form, released on Akira Records on 20 October.

Must hear? Debut single A Spark, A Beginning, which is accompanied by a dream-like video created by Hattie –