UK jazz comes together to celebrate scene’s 100th anniversary

Jazz 100

Leading figures from the world of UK and Irish jazz scenes are coming together to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the scene.

Many consider 2017 to be the 100th anniversary of jazz as it’s the centenary of some of its biggest stars (including Ella Fitzgerald, Dizzy Gillespie and Thelonious Monk), and the anniversary of the release of the first ever jazz recording, Livery Stable Blues by the New Orleans-based quintet The Dixieland Jazz Band. 

Over the course of the year, 100 celebrity jazz fans, industry commentators and musicians will take part in 100 interviews to talk through their love for the sound.

A ‘jazz virgins’ ticketing pilot will enable people who’ve never been to a jazz gig to try one for the first time.

Leading jazz festivals including the EFG London Jazz Festival and Manchester Jazz Festival will host special events and performances to celebrate the milestone.

Dave Morecroft, #jazz100 director, said: ‘For decades the UK and Ireland have produced outstanding jazz musicians, festivals and clubs, and welcomed the world’s greatest artists to our stages.

‘Jazz is vibrant, spontaneous, exciting and experimental – and we want to share this with everyone. #jazz100 invites all music lovers to come together with the common goal of building a strong jazz future for generations to come.’

The initiative launched at the Cheltenham Jazz Festival and hopes to inspire existing enthusiasts as well as introduce new listeners to the scene.

Visit the #jazz100 website to find out more.

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