Premiere: Mo Brandis – Heaven Can Wait

Mo Brandis

Since bagging numerous top 10’s, platinum records and gold releases as a songwriter, London-based pop maestro Mo Brandis decided in 2017 to strike out on his own.

Launching his solo career with a run a mouthwatering R&B bangers that channel the likes of The Weeknd, Bazzi and even some early Justin Timberlake, Mo has been indulging the listener who craves a bit of guilty-pleasure pop, but his contemporary mastery of the genre casts aside the requirement for any listening-guilt whatsoever.

It’s clean cut, high-fidelity pop that hits all the right beats, and hums with the sophistication and acumen that comes only with the tireless writing chops and song-smith savvy of someone who cares intensely about their craft.

Latest release, Heaven Can Wait, is a track to oozes cool. Mo’s sultry falsetto vocals and glossy pulsating synths make for a glistening contemporary pop effort, affirming Mo was right to hang on to his tunes and put himself firmly in the spotlight as a pop-star in his own right.

Listen to latest single Heaven Can Wait, taken from upcoming EP 8 –¬†exclusively on M.