Featured artist: Ulrika Spacek

Ulrika Spacek band

Who? Ulrika Spacek are a five-piece lead by the shared vision of Rhys Edwards and Rhys Williams.

What? Spaced out grungy shoegaze.

From where? Homerton, London.

What’s the story? The story goes that the band’s aesthetic was dreamt up late one night in Berlin by Rhys and Rhys, who imported their ideas back to London where they took root.

Now based in a shared residence they call KEN (an ex-art gallery and rehearsal space), the five-piece have been brewing up a heady formula of bristling krautrock and blissed out melodies.

Weightier than your average motorik noisemakers, Ulrika Spacek’s sound undulates under layers of crashing guitars and knotty drums, bringing an authentic edge to their Deutsche-indebted mission.

They’ve since found the perfect home in Tough Love Records, a DIY focused label harbouring the diverse talents of Cymbals Eat Guitars, AUTOBAHN, Girls Names and Yung, with past alumni including ace acts HEALTH and Male Bonding.

Earlier this year, Ulrika Spacek unveiled their imposing debut The Album Paranoia, a fearless ride out into the far-flung reaches of grunge, shoegaze and blissed-out indie.

Following a sold-out show at the Waiting Room, London, last month, plus the opening slot on DIIV’s European tour, they’ve just announced their biggest ever headline date at the capital’s Electrowerkz on 27 September.

They’re also set to bring their conceptual live show to The Great Escape next week plus London Calling, Paris Psych Fest and Visions Festival later this summer.

Sounds like? This lot are definitely for fans of Sonic Youth, Television, Beak>, Deerhunter and other mind-melting aural escapists.

Predicted to? Their ace debut album should be on course to top some end of year lists – if enough people get to hear it.

Must hear? She’s a Cult – watch the minimalist live video below, which was released just a few days ago: