30 seconds interview: Acquaintance


Acquaintance is the monikor of solo songwriter Chris Griffin, a new electronic producer who’s invoking classic Balearic synth lines and soft pop choruses to create a brand of cosmic disco that’s bang up to date.

Revisiting the solid template of early Saint Etienne, Chris infuses his breezy electronica with scrupulous production values and outrageously catchy pop riffs.

Over recent months he’s done much to stretch his influence outside of the home studio, co-founding the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray collective that includes kindred spirits Gazelle Twin, Great Pagans and Bernholz.

Together, the Anti-Ghost Moon Ray gang run an independent record label, collective and blog that explores the common ground in art, film, music, technology, science and nature.

They further their cultural ideals through live shows, club nights, videos, music releases and virtual interactions.

Earlier this month, Acquaintance released his stunning Parapsychology EP, featuring the glorious disco classic-in-waiting Telepathic.

The track echoes the heyday of the early Ibiza sound, blending solid stripped back four-four beats with infectious electronic melodics and a hands-in-the-air chorus. Blissful stuff.

With his anticipated debut album due to land early next year, we spent 30 seconds with Chris to find out where his head’s at…

My music is…
Your music if you listen to it.

You’ll like my music if you listen to…
That voice inside your head that’s always telling you to give Scritti Politti a chance.

My favourite venue is…
Yet to be discovered.

Music is important because

Otherwise dancing would be weird.

My biggest inspiration is

Always changing. Currently: Joey Beltram.

My dream collaboration would be

With somebody who had a lot of patience. And some good synths.

To try me out, listen to my song

Telepathic. It’s on the internet.

If I wasn’t
making music I’d be…
Wondering what was missing.

In 10 years time I want to be…
Living in a world where Michael Gove has absolutely no influence over anything whatsoever.