30 Seconds: She’s Got Claws

Through many years of finely tuning her skills in various studios, Micci Lou began her electro pop solo project She’s Got Claws in 2011. Her self titled album was written, arranged, produced, programmed and engineered by her fair hands in her own bedroom studio. Her influences echo throughout of Ladytron, Hurts, Massive Attack, Gary Numan and Air.  She tells M more.

How long have you been making music? 
I have been making music since as long as I can remember.  I have had my own studio for over 10 years, gradually building it up.  Songwriting is something that comes naturally to me, I guess it’s my way of reaching out to people.

What inspired your latest album? 
In my last band I used to throw rocks at others, so to speak, now I’m throwing them back at me.  I am inspired by my own experiences from being a child to adulthood.  Every song is autobiographical.  I am inspired also by various artists such as Air and Gary Numan to encourage me to voice my emotions, to take me down a path which feels natural, as everyone looks to other musicians for inspiration to do this.

What process do you go through to create your music? 
Even though my studio is made up of machines I like to be as spontaneous as they allow me to be.  Firstly i use a piano to give me the top melody to work around, it may change slightly as the counter melody of the lyrics will then dictate how the develops.  I can sometimes wake up with an entire song in my head and i have to get into the studio, the song Forbidden happened like this and I sat there laying down every melody on the piano and singing the vocal into my computer.  I don’t always start with a piano, it can be a bass or guitar riff that Chris or Shaun has given me.  Shaun gave me a guitar riff that i could hear as a music box, so i played it in and this turned into the song Tell Me.  I can be inspired to create by many instruments.

How would you describe your sound? 
Electronic pop.  Or in the US they call it Electronica.  I like to draw emotion from machines, give them a catchy chorus and create this into a pop song.  It is being described as a cross between early 80’s Gary Numan and Ladytron, with a hint of The Pet Shop Boys.

What would your dream collaboration be? 
To collaborate with Air would be perfect, however i think i would feel too overwhelmed by them to keep focussed.

Where can we catch you performing next? 
She’s Got Claws is primarily a solo studio project at this present time.  Everything you hear on the album is me, I produced, arranged, programmed, played the keys, wrote the words etc., therefore it would take a lot of prep to perform it live. I am not ruling out performing, i would need keyboardists/programmers on stage and also financial backing for touring. I certainly wouldn’t go out doing PAs alone with a backing track, that would degrade my work.

She’s Got Claws’ album was released on 25 June, and is available as a download from HMV, Amazon & iTunes.

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