Featured Artist – Emma Spence

Each week PRS for Music feature an artist or band on their MySpace page. This week’s featured artist is Emma Spence.

Emma spent time in a recording studio before going on to study music production, sound engineering and studio programming techniques as well as the basics of guitar and drums. In London Emma took singing lessons to strengthen her vocal technique. Her BA (Hons.) in Literature from Brunel University helped to enhance Emma’s artistry and songwriting ability with depth and richness.

Using her classical piano training, Emma spent countless hours at the piano,writing, arranging her own songs and singing.

Her musical influences comprise of her parents record collection of Reggae, Soca, Calypso, Folk, 60s and 70s Soul, R&B; the hits of David Bowie, Elton John, Kate Bush, The Eurhythmics, Massive Attack and Soul II Soul to name but a few. This experience has created a versatile style and original sound in blues, folk, jazz, pop and ambient music.

Emma’s first demo – electronic and live piano – self written, arranged and produced on her home studio in London led to a showcase in New York, where she sang and played some of her acoustic-based songs on the Steinway grand piano at Blue Note Records.

The experience in the USA demonstrated Emma’s marketable appeal as an international artist and her songs as a widely commercial product.

You can hear Emma’s songs Going Up Coming Down, Kisses In The Moonlight and All That I Need on the PRS for Music MySpace page.

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