Featured Artist – Amplify Dot

Born in South London, Amplify Dot was never far from music. From the age of four, she would listen to the sounds of Salt n Pepa, Bob Marley and Jimi Hendrix.

Amplify Dot’s first stage experience came with an impromptu appearance at Missy Elliot’s sold-out Brixton Academy concert in 2001. Just 14, she climbed on stage when Missy asked if anybody in the audience could rap and blew the crowd away.

Since then she has split her time between London and Los Angeles, has perfecting her crafting for almost a decade and is finally ready to share it. Her debut track Born Ready an eclectic mix of rap and reggae with a mind-blowing remix featuring Ruff Diamondz, Booty Luv, Lioness, Envy and Stush.  Currently developing her own label AmpedUP, Amplify Dot is also working on her debut mixtape called Born Ready which will feature an all-star collaborative cast including Kano, Jessie J, S.A.S, Ice Kid and Lioness.


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