Featured artist: Charismatic Megafauna

charismatic megafauna band

Who? Susannah Worth, Georgia Twigg and Jenny Moore.

What? Zesty, synthy post-punk that’s intent on wreaking as much havoc as possible.

Current habitat? East London.

What’s the story? Charismatic Megafauna may not be on the critically endangered list, but their primal sounds are as wild and rare as any apex animal.

Their mutant synth freak-outs and surrealist lyrics are anchored only by pounding, primitive drums, often meted out on three kits – think Wildbirds & Peacedrums meets Shopping.

It all adds up to a sonic free-for-all, with Trump-inspired in-jokes, anti-diet dispatches and girl-gang chants about mansplaining cyclists crashing around their pared back groove.

Song titles including Ejaculation, Guys In Spandex, Theresa May and Ffffeminism offer some insight into their headspace, with political bigotry, sexism and elitism providing the creative grist.

Susannah, Georgia and Jenny first met in 2013 at Supernormal Festival, ironically surrounded by male-dominated line-ups.

Finding themselves at a Saturday morning discussion about women and the creative process, they quickly set about imagining into existence the sonic beast that would become Charismatic Megafauna.

Five years on and the three-piece have performed at the Tate Modern, and across European cities from Amsterdam to Athens.

Their debut album, Semi-Regular, landed last Friday, and the ladies are toasting its arrival at a launch party at the George Tavern, London, this Wednesday (18 April).

Sounds like? These gals combine all the dancefloor drama of electropunk with the sonic austerity of post-punk.

Predicted to? Speak to those on the left-leaning side of the musical and political spectrums.

Must hear? Sorry

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