Featured artist: Fear of Men


Who? Fear of Men are Jessica Weiss, Becky Wilkie, Daniel Falvey and Michael Miles.

What? They make the sort of jingly-jangly indie that could easily hold its own alongside any band on the legendary C86 cassette compilation.

From where? Blustery Brighton.

What’s the story? The band formed in 2011 and have since released some killer lo-fi pop tunes through Kanine Records and on cassette via their own Bandcamp page.

Like the very best Cherry Red or 4AD acts from decades past, Fear of Men carry kitchen-sink pop at their core. But it’s the band’s impeccable production ethic that plants their music firmly in 2014.

Their debut album proper, Loom, was released earlier this year to much media fanfare, with bloggers and music boffins on both sides of the Atlantic falling head over heels for their misty-eyed dream pop.

They have since received funding via PRS for Music Foundation’s Momentum Music Fund to support the creation of their second album.

Sound like? Daughter meets Cocteau Twins meets Gulp.

Predicted to? Sign to 4AD and win hearts and minds over the pond.

Must hear? Descent – dream-pop goes dark and deep…