Featured artist: Haraket


Five-piece outfit Haraket have emerged from the creative chaos of Peckham to bring a fresh take on the pervading moody electronica that has dominated the South London sound over the past five years.

Drawing on elements of dubstep, electro and indie, they channel the gloom of early Portishead or A Certain Ratio to overwhelming effect. Their stock in trade is a wall-of-sound production aesthetic, which blends delicate source material with dark electronics, penetrating trumpet and affected vocals from singer and songwriter Abigail Hardiman.

They approach music-making as a loose collective and their sound talks to other young producers in the area. With close ties to King Krule, Jamie Isaac and electronic producer DJ Mokadem, Haraket are fast becoming a lynchpin of the local music scene.

Their debut single Taint/Attgo showcases their keen ear for contrast and high drama, and has won them radio support from BBC Radio 1 and BBC 6 Music. Pulling in remixes from King Krule and Jamie Isaac for the B side, their throbbing breaks and delicate guitar lines are deconstructed before being put back together for an inventive take on the original.

Haraket are fast building a reputation for their incendiary live shows, attracting bookers, A&Rs and fans from around the capital. And, with the momentum quickly gathering speed, it looks like 2013 could shape up to be their year.

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