Featured artist: LAPS


Who? LAPS are Lady Two Collars (from Golden Teacher) and Sue Zuki (from Organs of Love).

What? This mysterious and mystifying pair are probably the coolest thing we’ve heard about this year. Their addictive sound twists dub, pop, post-punk and funk into sleazy new shapes.

From where? Glasgow’s seedy underbelly.

What’s the story? Lady Two Collars and Sue Zuki hail from two of the hippest bands in Glasgow at the minute. Both have released stuff with Golden Teacher and Organs of Love through the lauded Optimo label but, as a duo, have teamed up with local imprint Clan Destine for their debut record.

Together, the girls make the sort of metronomic bedroom funk that coaxes your lazy carcass off the sofa and down to your local subversive nightspot in search of yet more power-sleaze melodies and filthy bass to get lost in.

Channelling the bouncy post-punk of ESG with the electronic dystopia of Suicide, the pair flirt with the boundaries of dub and punk, enticing you to join them in their illicit disco.

Their debut seven-track EP Ladies As Pimps (released 29 September) features guest collaborations with the rest of Golden Teacher, Sinead Young, Duncan Young and a remix by Green Door Studio.

Tough, taut and tantalising, this is definitely one of our highlights of 2014.

Sounds like? Peaking Lights jamming with The Slits through one of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry’s Space Echo delay boxes.

Predicted to? Soon share the bill at Dalston’s Power Lunches Café with thrifty post-punkers (and kindred spirits) Shopping.

Must hear? Mojo and Dirty Guys Dirty Corners from the Ladies As Pimps EP. Click below for the only online sound clips we could find…

What’s next? Hopefully the gig we’re predicting above…


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