Featured artist: The Plan

the plan band

Who? According to their scant Bandcamp biog, The Plan are Rebecca Gilleron (vocals, guitar), R Chapman (vocals, cello, keys), J Chapman (vocals, drums), A Glover (vocals, bass) and L Curtis (vocals, guitar).

What? No-wave experimentalists mixing up the melodic gloss of Shangri-Las with the rigorous punk of Subway Sect.

From where? Southend.

What’s the story? As an evolving outfit, The Plan currently include members of Wetdog, Private Trousers, The Ghosts, plus Vic Godard and The Subway Sect.

With an arsenal of tightly-wound tracks all produced within the last year, this five-piece have certainly stuck to their sonic schedule and delivered the goods.

Rebecca’s Southend Records will do the heavy-lifting release-wise, with their aptly-titled debut album, Nervous Energy, expected to land on 13 October.

Lead track Annotate the Text offers the first tantalising taste; doo wop melodies against a minimal stop-start rhythm section, bringing floods of nihilistic estuary vibes.

The rest of the record reveals both the band’s love of a good hook and their irresistible urge to screw with the classic spop template.

Fierce beats, unruly guitars and barely suppressed mania from the keys and homemade cello underlay soaring harmonies from well-matched female vocals.

This is perfectly-executed bubblegum punk that’s been liberally besmirched – and it’s all the cleverer and more addictive for it.

Sounds like? You can safely file these next to The Raincoats, The Slits, Shopping and Prinzhorn Dance School.

Predicted to? Make it to the top of your Must See Live list of 2017.

Must hear? Annotate the Text