Featured artist: Roshi

Roshi featuring Pars Radio

Sonic explorer Roshi Nasehi sounds like she’s landed in London from outer space. Her unlikely palette of sounds and ideas audibly rip up the rulebooks, while her off-kilter tastes and classical training bring unsettling novelty to the electronic template.

The Welsh-Iranian songwriter has been collaborating with beatsmith Graham Dids (Nico, Gagarin, Pere Ube) on her Farsi electro-folk since 2008, bringing in cellists Rachel Threlfal and Richard Thomas for her latest adventure, the 3 Almonds and a Walnut album, featuring Pars Radio.

The set, which is released today through Geo Records, sounds like the product of an otherworldy union between Planningtorock, Julia Holter and Kate Bush, and sees Roshi explore new vocal techniques that channel both sides of her parentage.

It includes several pieces developed from a live score to Mary Pickford’s film Amarilly of Clothes Line Alley, which Roshi was commissioned to present at last year’s WOW festival on the Southbank, London.

As well as penning her own material, Roshi reinterprets the Iranian folk music of her childhood which, when combined with expansive electronics, dislodges the traditional notions of Iran to transport you to a Persia of the future.

Although ‘Iranian balladry meets Welsh futurism’ may not yet be an established genre, its well worth seeking out Roshi’s music to excite your ears and discover the future of folk music.


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