Featured artist: Suzi Wu

suzi wu music

Who? Suzie McDermott.

What? A 19-year-old newcomer who’s shot through with wry wit and raw skill.

From where? North London.

What’s the story? ‘Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, the guys are fuck-boys, girls are sluts, is that good enough?’ asks Suzi Wu as she opens her debut single, Teenage Witch.

Not one to mince her words or muddle her rhymes, Suzi’s urban yarns and schoolyard observations spill over with the biting legitimacy of early punk.

Wrapped up in the drama of broken down melodies and spiky guitars, her mutinous vocal is laden with railing apathy and oddball hooks.

She’s unconcerned with the rules of perfection, flirting instead with the intersection between pop, performance and personal empowerment, employing every musical muscle from her hometown to lift her vibey sound.

Now signed to London label Lucky Number (home to Dream Wife, Darwin Deez and Hinds) and with Zane Lowe and PRS Foundation’s Keychange initiative pledging early support, Suzi is casting her sonic spell far and wide this autumn.

Don’t miss her upcoming London show at Thousand Island on 29 November.

Sounds like? Courtney Barnett’s broken pop incantation.

Predicted to? Shimmy her way up leading ‘Ones to Watch’ lists as 2018 approaches.

Must hear? Teenage Witch –