Featured Artist – Swimming

As befits their name, Swimming are a fluid proposition. Their songs flow gracefully from genre to genre, grunge lapping the shores of ambient, shoegaze seeping into glam, post-punk merging with post-rock, and so on, until all you’re left with is a sound that is uniquely Swimming’s.

Swimming are the brainchild of John Sampson, an itinerant soul who has lived variously in Australia, England and Cocos Island. He began the band with his
brother Peter – a former UK champion beat boxer – and another friend in Nottingham, where he still lives. They went swimming one day at the local
pool, and by the afternoon they were sufficiently enlivened by the experience to start making music.

On their last single – Sun In The Island, backed with Team Jetstream (on New York’s East Village Radio’s EVR imprint)  – Swimming alighted upon a sound that is extraordinarily vibrant and giddily infectious in its synthesis of pop hooks and textural innovation. This led to spot plays across the board on BBC Radio 1, as well as a session for Rob Da Bank. In addition they were the subject of a half- page radar piece in the NME and went on to tour with fans Carl Barat and Killing Joke. Their next single will be Neutron Wireless Crystal, released on 17 October, followed by the album Ecstatics International on 31October (tbc), both on Tummy Touch Records.

Swimming combine a DIY approach (their music is self-produced and all their artwork is made by bassist Blake Pearson), with an anything-is-possible attitude. The intention is not to be inaccessible or obscure. It is to express rapture and communicate their positive messages to as broad an audience as possible.

“People say we remind them of Pink Floyd,” beams John, proudly. “In terms of our desire to achieve sonic variety and take our music and ideas to
extremes, that’s bang on. We want to have the Floyd’s freedom to explore new directions, and to take the audience with us every time. I believe we have
that potential.”

It’s time for Swimming; be swept away.


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