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Who? Thula Borah are Lloyd James Fay (guitar, vocals), Matthew Williams (bass, vocals), Kevin Heimann (guitar) and Michael O’Rourke (drums).

What? Throbbing post-rock with melodic glitches.

From where? Glasgow.

What’s the story? If 2017 has arrived on a wave of sleepless nights, claustrophobia and general confusion, then prescient Glasgow rockers Thula Borah might just be for you…

With track names like Analysis Paralysis, Confabulation and The Psychopath Test, they combine muscular musical processes with canny observations which are bang on the money.

Coming on like a post-rock, dream-pop, grungy mash-up, their sound is a heady paean to the realities of modern living, with its salvo of cultural feedback and antisocial ticks.

Their meaty riffs and washed out melodies draw to mind the hefty distortion of bands like My Bloody Valentine, Sonic Youth and Explosions in the Sky. But their intermittent introspection and gentle atmospherics suggest a leaning towards something much softer.

Forthcoming six-track EP Near Life Experience, which lands on 27 January, indulges the band’s two sides and draws an early line in the sand for their intentions this year.

Having already picked up support from BBC Radio Scotland as well as playing festivals such as Jocktoberfest (Inverness) Indie Week Europe (Manchester), the band are gearing up for more action in 2017.

This ace new EP will definitely help them along the way…

Sounds like? Your favourite new alt-rock band.

Must hear? The feedback laden posture of The Psychopath Test.


Upcoming live dates:
26 January – Bungalow Bar, Paisley
18 February – Hootananny, Inverness

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