Featured Artist – The Asteroids Galaxy Tour

This week’s PRS for Music MySpace Featured Artist is The Asteroid Galaxy Tour. Dip a toe or two into Fruit – The Asteroid Galaxy Tour’s debut album, and your mind will conjure up images of downtown Memphis in Outer Space, with a singing siren floating past in a levitating rolltop bath. Maybe we shouldn’t crush your illusions, but the less than spectacular reality looks more like a tiny studio flat in the Danish capital Copenhagen, where Lars Iversen and Mette Lindberg have managed to create their musical magic out of thin air and a roomful of recording gear.

The first break came straight away, when a Copenhagen booking agent heard the demos on their Myspace page and offered them a gig supporting none other than Amy Winehouse. ‘It was crazy,’ remembers Lars, ‘That was our first gig, and also the reason to get a band together, because before that it had just been the two of us. In some way it still is, but we have this amazing band with us that are best friends from Copenhagen. That first gig was on just a week after the bookers called us. We only had two rehearsals with the band. And then we played in front of two or three-thousand people, and the crowd were really paying attention’. The band soon started picking up support slots from other high profile artists such as Katy Perry and also embarked on their own headline shows throughout the USA and Europe.

The Asteroids Galaxy Tour have no intention of straying from their roots in Copenhagen’s urban bohemia but right now their minds are set on leaving that crammed studio pad behind and taking Fruit on the road together with their gang of trusted companions. ‘That’s definitely one of the reasons to get this band’ says Lars ‘It’s less lonely, it’s more of a party. Both in the way we perform it onstage, but also in the tour bus when we travel around. It’s like a family, and when we swap instruments onstage it makes it so much more fun’.