PRS for Music Playlist

This PRS for Music Playlist is slightly different from our previous ones, as we have got in ShotByBothSides’s Aidan Robinson as a guest contributor. Have a listen to the tracks he has chosen, and don’t forget to let us know what you would like to hear in future Playlists!

The PRS for Music Playlist
ShotByBothSides (run by Aidan James & Robert Monk) – a ‘Spektakular Soirée of Degeneracy and Bloodlust’ – was born in 2006, offering a ramshackle and frankly haphazard assortment of music, poetry, performance art and spoken word. Operating on an irregular basis, it presents kaleidoscopic musical delights (psych, freakout jazz, C86 indie, Soul), peculiar visual treats, free fanzines…and cake. We can also be found Djing at like-minded nights across London.

Here is a selection of artists who have graced our stage, or who we hope to do so in the very near future.

– Aidan Robinson, Guest Contributor

La Shark – A Weapon
Watch on YouTube

Thomas Truax – It’s All Happening Now
Watch on YouTube

The Agitator – Get Ready
Watch on YouTube

David Cronenberg’s Wife – The Fight Song
Watch on YouTube

Cibelle – Man From Mars
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(Pictured above, photo: Socrates Mitsios)

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