100 Club fails to get listed

Infamous music venue, the 100 Club, has failed in it’s bid to obtain listed status.

The historic venue, originally part of Swinging London’s jazz music scene and site of legendary gigs by The Sex Pistols, Siouxsie And The Banshees and Oasis had sought to become a listed building in a bid to help protect its long-term future.

Leisurewear brand Converse stepped in during 2010 to save the 100 Club as it appeared it might have to finally close it’s doors and has hosted several high-profile free gigs at the venue since then.

A statement from a spokesperson from the Department for tourism and heritage said that ‘it’s only the stage and the signage that mark it out as being any different from any other basement club.’ The spokesperson also said that giving the venue listed status wasn’t ‘tune’ with the ‘cradle of punk rock’.