Aphex Twin symbols hint at new material

Aphex TwinElectronic pioneer Aphex Twin may be readying new material after a blimp and a stencil with his logo have been sighted in London and New York.

The bright green blimp was spotted above the Oval Space venue in East London emblazoned with Aphex Twin’s logo and the number 2014.

The logo was also spotted stencilled outside Radio City Hall in New York. Although no news has been confirmed by either Aphex (aka Richard D James) or his label Warp Records, the activity suggests new material may be about to see release.

Aphex’s most recent official album – Drukqs – was released in 2011.

Earlier this year a Kickstarter campaign saw the release of his Caustic Window double LP. The record was completed but never released during the mid-nineties.

Meanwhile, Warp is to celebrate its 25th anniversary with a series of events in Poland. Click here for the full story.

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