Ashley Hutchings awarded EFDSS folk prize

Ashley-Hutchings-for-webFairport Convention founder Ashley Hutchings is among the winners of a gold badge from the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS).

Rapper dancer Ricky Forster and musician and dancer David Blick will also receive the prize.

The award is given to those artists who have made an outstanding contribution to folk music, dance or song or the work of the EFDSS.

Ricky Forster is the leader of the rapper team High Spen Blue Diamonds, which was originally set up in 1926, while David Blick is a multi-instrumentalist and dancer who has run numerous folk events and groups.

Katy Spicer, chief Executive of EFDSS, said:  ‘I am delighted that Ashley, Ricky and David, have been recognised for the important role they have played in their individual fields of music and dance.

‘All three have helped to inspire generations of folk fans which enables the traditional English folk arts to continue to thrive. They are all very well deserved awards.’

Previous winners of the prize include Cecil Sharp, Dr Ralph Vaughan Williams, AL Lloyd and The Watersons.

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