Atoms for Peace announce soundhalo broadcast

Atoms For PeaceThom Yorke and Nigel Godrich’s Atoms for Peace will be broadcasting their forthcoming London gigs via new online platform soundhalo.

The news comes in the wake of the ongoing streaming debate after the pair announced via Twitter that they would be removing certain albums from streaming service Spotify.

Atoms for Peace will be making their performances at London’s Roundhouse available to give ‘fans around the world the opportunity to watch and download the gig, track by track, as it happens’.

The sets, which will be performed on 25 and 26 July, will be available in their entirety for £9.99 or £0.99 per song.

Speaking to the Guardian, Nigel Godrich said: ‘Part of the reason soundhalo was interesting to me was that I found myself wondering why, whenever you go to a gig, the next day there are a million shaky, horrible sounding YouTube videos already online.’

‘But you go and look because you want to see something of your experience. soundhalo provides something really functional – an experience that you want to remember in front of you as soon as the concert has happened. To be able to relive that is a really great thing.’

Both Nigel and Thom Yorke took to Twitter last weekend to criticise Spotify calling the service ‘bad for music’ and not doing enough to support new artists.

The comments sparked off a whole week of online debate with Spotify responding to the accusations. Read Spotify’s side of the ongoing argument.

Find out more about the soundhalo service from its website.