BASCA calls on better streaming royalty rates for songwriters

BASCA logo 2014The British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) has called on better streaming royalty rates for songwriters and music publishers.

The appeal follows the recent debate over the merits of music streaming services after Taylor Swift withdrew her music from Spotify.

The US pop star has reportedly removed her music as she does not believe the service fairly compensates songwriters and composers for the use of their works.

In a statement, BASCA agreed with the stance, saying this is a position act British writers such as Adele and Thom Yorke have previously taken.

Vick Bain, BASCA chief executive, said: ‘BASCA totally supports the principle that authors should have control over the distribution of their music.

‘The rates received by composers from the streaming services (especially YouTube) are so dismal that very few of the people who create the incredible songs that drive and support the music industry can make a decent living in the digital environment.’

Simon Darlow, BASCA chairman, added: ‘The Fair Trade Music study just published by North American and Canadian composer organisations reveals that the label/ publisher split is, on average, around 95/5 in the label’s favour … this cannot be justified.’

Spotify’s chief executive Daniel EK posted a response to Taylor Swift’s decision, stating that fault lies with the record label deals rather than with his service. Read his response in full.