Better music industry big data will improve payments, says expert

TGE 2015

TGE 2015Improvements to music industry data will help enhance the payments eco-system for songwriters, a music industry expert has said.

Chris Cooke, CMU editor, made the comments during the Data Challenge discussion at The Great Escape festival in Brighton.

Commenting, Chris said: ‘There is a lot of money moving around the music industry but now its in smaller chunks than before. Labels and publishers need to adapt to this. It all needs to be incredibly efficient as we’re processing micro payments of music usage.’

‘If we can get the data right, then we can remove blockages preventing money from going to the right songwriters and rightsholders. It’s also about having better quality of services. We all know about streaming services talk a lot about discovery and content navigation. But no streaming service has cracked this.’

In the discussion, Chris also identified a number of issues surrounding the use of big data surrounding songs and works.

Now that work on the Global Repertoire Database has stopped, he stated that there are potential challenges surrounding the standards of data and resolution of multiple claims.

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