BMG opens up Strictly Rhythm catalogue to new producers

strictly rhythm label

International record and publishing group BMG has partnered with Avid Pro Tools to bring the catalogue of New York house label Strictly Rhythm to the Avid Marketplace. 

The product, dubbed Strictly Rhythm Producer Loops, offers packages featuring all the parts from club classics by artists Reel 2 Real, Barbara Tucker, Sir James and more.

For $59.99 (£45.99) producers can access a capellas, drum solos, basslines, instrumentals and more from some of the world’s most legendary house tracks.

Russell Gaskins, vice president, international catalogue research and marketing of BMG, said: ‘Without question, Strictly Rhythm was the definitive house music label of the nineties, releasing a now classic catalogue of highly-influential club and crossover hits around the world.

‘Its iconic artists were always pushing the envelope and at the forefront of a new movement in dance music. We’re thrilled to continue enabling their music to be utilized by the music community.’

As published in Billboard, BMG will also continue to work with Avid to curate additional new collections.

Zach Katz, BMG US president, repertoire and marketing, stated: ‘Our new partnership with Avid Technology is a modern and innovative way to put our music in the hands of music producers and songwriters.

‘This relationship is not only beneficial for the music to be created but by creating previously untapped opportunities for our artists, we’re ensuring that Strictly Rhythm’s music will be a part of the foundation for tomorrow’s hits.’


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