BPI calls for ‘urgent reform’ to stop illegal music sites


The BPI has called for ‘urgent reform’ of the current notice and take-down system as a response to online music piracy.

As part of the BPI’s commitment to supporting the growth of the legal music market, the BPI notifies Google and others search engines whenever its automated content protection system identifies links in search results that point to illegal copies of music. It then requests these are removed.

The music industry organisation issued the call for reform as it expected to pass the milestone of 200m infringing URLs sent to Google for removal from search results. This is since its first notice issued in July 2011.

Geoff Taylor, BPI and BRIT Awards chief executive, said: ‘The BPI believes that people who make music or other entertainment deserve to be rewarded for their work and creativity. Only when consumers support legitimate sites can labels, studios and broadcasters consistently invest in the best talent to make high quality entertainment we can all enjoy.

‘The notice and take-down system, as currently structured, cannot represent an effective response to piracy and requires urgent reform. Internet intermediaries like search engines clearly need to take more active responsibility to stop directing business to the black market.’

He continued: ‘We are calling on Google and Bing to show their undiluted commitment to artists and the creative process by implementing a more pro-active solution to illegal sites appearing in search results. This will avoid the cost for both of us in dealing with hundreds of repeated notices for the same content on the same illegal sites.’

Visit the BPI website for more information.


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