BPI reacts to election result

Following a landslide victory for the Conservatives, the BPI’s chief executive Geoff Taylor urges the government to deliver a trade deal with the EU that ‘boosts’ UK music exports.

Boris Johnson’s Conservative party has won 364 seats achieving a 43.6 percent share of the vote thus securing a definitive majority, following a campaign centred on the pledge to ‘get Brexit done’.

Meanwhile, the BPI has responded to the result by congratulating the new administration and calling on the incoming government to support and promote music creators in a post-Brexit landscape.

Geoff Taylor, chief executive BPI & BRIT Awards, says: ‘This clear result should help move the country beyond the Brexit impasse and provide the UK with a much-needed period of political stability. We hope the Government will use this platform to deliver a trade deal with the EU that minimises barriers to trade, including simple travel arrangements for UK performers, and new trade deals with third countries to boost our music exports.

‘The UK music industry is a fantastic success story both here at home and around the world. If the relentless creativity and commercial ingenuity of our artists and labels can be backed by the incoming Government with some simple but effective support, we can take this success to the next level; growing our international trade, supporting access to music in schools, and boosting the industry’s contribution to employment and the economy by better protecting the valuable IP we create. We congratulate the new administration and we will be actively engaging with them on this agenda.’

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