Brand ads are ‘nothing without great music’

TGE 2015

TGE 2015Brands and band partnerships are ‘nothing without great music’, a music industry expert has said.

Marc Robinson, managing director of Globe, Universal Music’s UK partnerships division, made the comments during the Making Better Brand Partnerships panel at The Great Escape in Brighton.

The panel explored how artists can make the most of their relationships with brands and fully capitalise on these brand alliances.

Commenting, Marc said: ‘Music is an equal player in the world of brand partnerships. For bands and brands, understanding and educating each other is key. Each other’s sensitivities are important.’

He stated: ‘The best campaigns celebrate the values of an artist – Ellie Goulding and Nike, the John Lewis Xmas adverts – they show that working with brands isn’t about selling out anymore.’

Adrian Pettet, chief executive officer at the Cake Group, added that the music industry has radically changed its attitude towards brands over the last 15 years, with an ever-increasing number of companies and artists wanting to make the most of these partnerships.

He said: ‘Brands need to remember it’s not about them but the band’s audience. If you’re a brand that sponsors a venue, you need to be the best host you can be – cold pint, friendly bar staff and well priced. No one will be cross if you’re there. People will be more annoyed if you the beer is warm, and six quid. Brands need to remember they are not the life and soul of the party.’

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