Squarepusher and Southbank Sinfonia come together

SquarepusherCroydon’s Fairfield Halls will play host to a unique musical event which brings together electronic artist Squarepusher with the Southbank Sinfonia.

LISTEN TO THIS will see Charles Hazlewood, Tom Jenkinson (aka Squarepusher) and the orchestra come together to perform tracks from Squarepusher’s cult album Ufabulum. The reimagining will bring classical instruments and live electronica together to create a unique soundscape.

The event, supported by PRS for Music Foundation, will be conducted by Charles Hazlewood, who will weave in the various tonal layers of the Southbank Sinfonia to bring new life to Ufabulum.

Hazlewood said: ‘The idea for it began about seven or eight years ago, when I did the Urban Classics project which was a determined attempt to find common ground between the gritty form of British hip-hop known as grime and an orchestra. For years I’ve been exploring music at the hinterland of what might be described as the orchestral canon and at the same time railing up against some of the previous, rather saccharine, attempts at so-called fusion.’

The event will take place on Saturday 15 June. Tickets are available on Fairfield Hall’s website.



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