The Cure photographer to publish rare photos

ThecureobscurewebAndy Vella, official photographer for The Cure, is to publish a book of unseen and rare images of the group.

Obscure,which is published by Foruli Codex on 18 September, will explore Andy’s time with the band on the road and in the studio over the last 30 years.

As a designer and photographer, Andy’s work has also adorned many of the band’s most famous albums including Faith and Inbetween Days.

Andy said: ‘I have no fixed idea of the image I’m after. I always like and trust spontaneity. I love light and dark and what sits in the middle. With The Cure I love putting images to poetry. When I photograph The Cure I am always transported somewhere new.’

The foreword is written by The Cure’s Robert Smith who describes the book as ‘dreadfully funny, terribly honest and strangely melancholic’.

Visit the official Foruli Codex website to find out more information on the book and how to order a copy.

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