Ed Sheeran overtakes Drake for Spotify’s most-streamed track

Ed Sheeran

Ed Sheeran has overtaken Drake on Spotify to take the title of its most streamed track of all time, with his number one hit, Shape of You.

The song, taken from Sheeran’s third studio album ÷ was released in January 2017 as a digital single and has since amassed over one billion streams (1,318,420,396).

It overtakes previous title-holder, Drake’s One Dance by more than one million streams.

According to Spotify, the singer-songwriter is most popular in Mexico City, with more than 850,000 monthly listeners.

The newly released figures are just the latest in a set of milestones by the singer.

In March earlier this year, Shape of You hit the record for the most number of streams in one day, with 10 million. His album, ÷ also broke the same record, with 56,727,861 streams.

Drake remains Spotify’s most streamed artist of all time, followed by Sheeran.