Effective data use can turn casual listeners into fans, says manager

Great Escape Festival

Utilising data effectively can help convert people from casual listeners into fans, an artist manager has said.

Lyndon Stephens from Champion Sounds management made the comments as part of the opening Drowning in Data, Learn How to Swim panel at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

The session saw various music industry experts exploring big data and the various forms available to artists through new web platforms. Panellists from Spotify, Bandcamp and MUSO agreed that big data can play a key role in helping rightsholders engage with audiences as well as enhancing these relationships.

Spotify’s Jordan Gremli discussed the Fan Insights dashboard available for artists. He said: ‘You can see how big your audience is, how passionate they are and get more information on these demographics. Then you understand your fanbase, how you want to grow it, engage with it, then monetise it.’

Lyndon Stephens said: ‘For an artist manager, once we’d found the casual listeners, we’d convert them using Facebook and Twitter, targeting regions where we’d seen a lot of plays.’

Wah Wah 45’s Adam Scrimshire was also speaking as part of the panel and underlined the importance of the Bandcamp platform in helping his label develop relationships with fans.

‘It allows us to discover who are our biggest customers are and how to nurture them,’ he explained.

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