Europe for Creators launches tool to fight Google’s ‘misinformation’ copyright campaign

Europe for Creators is launching a new website and newsletter in an effort to counter Google’s campaign of disinformation surrounding Article 13 of the European Copyright Directive.

The initiative represents creators and rights holders and is responsible for the more than 12 million jobs associated with the creative industries across the EU, and their latest move is designed to demystify the issue with facts.

The newsletter and website will report on latest developments around Article 13, while also offering accurate and easy-to-understand insights into the Directive, the process, the debate, and the benefits of Article 13 for creators and ordinary users.

Google has utilised its YouTube platform and substantial financial power to carry out a lobbying campaign of misinformation on a scale far beyond what the European Union has seen in recent years.

The media giant has weaponised its service to influence public opinion in favour of its own commercial interests.

Europe for Creators are eager to establish the fact that Article 13 will, in reality, enable the sharing of content in a fairer way.

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