ICA, Gilles Peterson launch pirate radio series

Gilles Peterson BBC

Gilles Peterson BBCLondon’s Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA) has joined forces with Gilles Peterson (left) and Boiler Room for an exhibition and events celebrating UK’s pirate radio culture.

Shout Out! UK Pirate Radio in the 1980s, is an archival exhibition looking back at the early tower block pirate radio movement which emerged in the UK during the eighties.

Dread Broadcasting Corporation (DBC), Radio Invicta, Kiss 94.5 FM, London Weekend Radio (LWR) and Horizon were among the first UK pirate radio stations dedicated to soul, funk, jazz, reggae and hip-hop.

These stations were pioneers, championing music of black origin and paving the way for burgeoning rave scenes that followed, including jungle, garage and house.

The ICA display, which opens on 26 May, tracks the history and cultural significance of these stations and their legacy for contemporary music and broadcasting.

Related events include a Gilles Peterson talk on 3 July about his experiences of the first soul stations to emerge in the eighties.

This will be followed by a Boiler Room Presents regular night at the ICA Bar, which kicks off on 19 July for a year-long series showcasing the most important aural milestones in the UK grime scene.

Please see https://www.ica.org.uk/sites/default/files/Press%20Release%20Shout%20Out%202.pdf for more info.

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