New concert celebrates contribution of women media composers

ComposHER is a new event highlighting, showcasing and celebrating women composers for film, TV and videogames.

Taking place at EartH Theatre, London, on 12 June, the concert will feature the works of composers including Jessica Curry, Nainita Desai (pictured), Imogen Heap, Jessica Jones and Anne Nitikin.

Many of the performances at ComposHER will be introduced or accompanied by the composers themselves and played by the London Contemporary Orchestra.

Drawing on music from all areas of visual media, it will encompass the diverse nature of the British industry, showcasing works for film, TV, theatre and videogames.

The event follows the establishment of a new global database of women composers writing for visual media (on and the launch of the UK Women Composers’ Forum, which enabling composers to support and empower each other.

It was reported in the New York Times earlier this year that out of the 250 top films in 2018, 94 percent were scored by men.

Organisers of ComposHER hope this concert will help inspire and support the next generation of women media composers.

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