The Performing Right Society Annual General Meeting will be held on the afternoon of Thursday 29th April at the Imagination Gallery on Store Street.

There will be speeches from Chairman Ellis Rich and Chief Executive Robert Ashcroft, followed by the AGM Formal Business and Q&A.  This year’s guest speaker is Phillip Ball, author of The Music Instinct.  Philip’s speech which is based on his book aims to provide the first comprehensive, accessible survey of what is known – and what is still unknown – about how music works, its magic and why it seems indispensable to humanity.

For enquiries about eligibility to attend, mailings and voting, please contact Karen Gale.

For all other AGM related enquiries, please contact Alex Spargo.

About Philip Ball:Philip Ball

Philip has worked at Nature Magazine for over 20 years as editor for physical sciences and then as Consultant Editor. He has also written widely on the interactions between art and science, delivering lectures to scientific and general audiences and has contributed to several publications ranging from The New Scientist to The New York Times, The Guardian, The Financial Times, New Statesman and Prospect Magazine. He has also broadcast on many occasions on radio and TV, and in June 2004, presented a three-part serial on nanotechnology, Small Worlds, on BBC Radio 4.

About “The Music Instinct: How Music Works, and Why We Can’t Do Without It”

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