SongFest 2011

SongFest, the three-day event about songwriting for songwriters, is set to return for a second year.

Organised by BASCA (British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors), SongFest will this year take place at the Bedford in Balham, London. A 3-day event crammed full of information and advice from the professionals to help you fine tune your skills and build your songwriting career. From interactive music seminars, panels and interviews about songwriting to information on publishing, self-promotion, making money, bedroom recording and signing deals. There will be interviews with Ivor Novello award-winning songwriters, producers and young YouTube successes, you’d better bring a pad and pen or something to get it all down!

PRS for Music are proud to support SongFest and hosting a panel again this year.
Money Doesn’t grow on Trees!
Monday 31st October, 3.35pm-5pm
A panel of lawyers, accountants and music managers and PRS for Music offer advice on understanding where it does grow and how to make sure you get your share. The panel will discuss traditional and new sources of income available for artists and songwriters.

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