This October, the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors (BASCA) launch Songfest, a new three day festival for budding British songwriters.

PRS for Music are putting on three panels at Songfest on the opening day, Monday 25th October.  From the page to the stage, this event is designed to help young talent carve out a career.

Panel 1:
The Digital Factor
In The Long Tail Chris Anderson placed emphasis on people finding stuff rather than stuff finding people.  But in an age where the sheer volume of places to find music is beyond comprehension, let alone the tunes themselves, where do you start if you want to get your music heard?

  • What is the digital discovery process?
  • The benefits/challenges of the new digital discovery age for songwriters/artists, consumers and the services that connects them.
  • Consumers can no longer be herded towards the next big thing. Where does this leave the professional reviewer?
  • Digital research has left consumers with attention deficit disorder, so, once they’ve found you, how do you get them to stay and become part of your online community?

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Panel 2:
Hum that Brand
From the Intel bongs to the pips for Radio 4 News, sonic brands have long been a part of everyday life.  Coca Cola recently embedded their sonic brand in a chart hit moving the use of them into a new league.  However, will this evolution be the golden goose of songwriter revenue?  Or has the swell of bedroom laptop composers and the deals they agree to strangled the bird already?

  • What is sonic branding?
  • What makes a successful sonic brand?
  • How much money can a songwriter make?
  • When making the deal for your composition to be used what should you look out for?

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Panel 3:
Tales from the Transit
A worldwide stadium tour is something that many a musician dream of.  However, when you’re in a cramped transit van that smells like left over hamburgers and the drummer’s feet, tours can seem like just too much effort for little return.   Tours are not just great for the major acts – with planning, promotion and determination a tour can be valuable for everyone.

  • Tips for touring effectively.
  • Good ways of sorting out a tour.
  • Deals with agents, promoters and venues.
  • Getting the most out of each gig – make fans, money and get invited back.

Meet the panellists

After a great a day of songwriting advice, careers tips and speed dating PRS for Music will end the day by showcasing three great new acts.   Check out the line-up.

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SongFest takes place from 25th – 27th October at The Brickhouse. There will be a host of different activities each day, including interactive music seminars given by the experts and a ‘speed-dating’ event where the mix of like-minded musicians can exchange ideas and hear from A&R experts.  Experts getting involved include: Gary Kemp, Chris Difford, Kele Le Roc, Rob Davis, Sacha Skarbek, Fraser T Smith, New Young Pony Club, Newton Faulkner, Jackie Oates, Sam Carter and Daniel Pearce as well as broadcasters Tom Robinson and Bob Harris.

Check out the full three day schedule

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