PRS for Music day at The Great Escape

PRS for Music is proud to be hosting the opening day of The Great Escape 2010.The Great Escape

On day one, PRS for Music will be making sense of the past 12 months in the music industry, helping you map out the future for your band/company in 2010 and beyond, and providing practical advice on furthering your music career – all with help of our fantastic guest speakers.

Our agenda for the first day of The Great Escape

10.30 State of the nation

Chris Carey guides delegates through the key market movements from the last year, covering Recorded music and Live Music as well as Business to Business revenues, such as PRS for Music revenue, PPL and Advertising/Sponsorship, dispelling some myths along the way.

11.00 Panel One – Income, Innovation and Investment

An expert panel brought together to discuss making money in this changing business. Looking at traditional and new sources of income that are available for artists and songwriters, innovations that are taking place and tackling a critical question of where will investment in talent come from in the future.

  • Alan Pell, Head of A&R, Stage Three Music
  • Dean James, CEO, Mama Group
  • Gary McClarnan, Manager Mr Scruff; Founder, Sparklestreet

12.00-13.00 Lunchtime drop in sessions with PRS for Music and MPA

Your chance to meet members of PRS for Music and the MPA on a one to one basis and ask any question.  Feel free to bring your sandwiches with you.

13.00 Member Interview
A unique opportunity for an intimate audience with legendary songwriter Edwyn Collins and his long term manager Grace Maxwell.  A chance to hear more about his songwriting, the stories behind the songs: his past, present and future.

  • Edwyn Collins and Grace Maxwell, interviewed by David Kavanagh.

14.00 Keynote: Live Music

Will Page of PRS for Music and Ian Hogarth of Songkick are joined by a panel of experts from the live music industry to understand the driving forces behind the unprecedented growth of the UK live music industry, and consider ways it can keep its current momentum.

  • Will Page, Chief Economist, PRS for Music
  • Ian Hogarth, CEO & Co-Founder, Songkick
  • Kevin Leflar, CEO & Founder, Official Community
  • Panos Panay, CEO, Sonicbids
  • Svetlana Scheck-Ramzy, Director of Marketing, AEG Live

15.00 Panel Two – Clouds, Streams and Unlimited Music

There are lots of discussions about the ‘silver bullet’ that the music industry is waiting for, but there is no agreement on what this should be. Is the mysterious cloud the answer? And what does the cloud mean anyway? Are streaming services valuable? And is unlimited music a pipe dream that distracts from workable models?

  • Stephen Somerville, Commercial Director, 7 Digital
  • Steve Purdham, CEO & Founder Investor, We7
  • James Clarke, CEO & Founder, Musicmetric
  • Scott Cohen, VP International & Founder, The Orchard

16.00 Make It Happen – Digital Marketing, Fan Engagement and achieving Critical Mass.

Practical advice and real-world tips for bands, managers and writers, whatever stage you’re at – from people who’ve been there and are doing it now. This will be a quick-fire session of practical answers to any questions you want answered – such as:

What can you do to successfully market your band online? How can you build an active and career-sustaining fanbase?
How can you achieve success outside a Major label structure?
How can your act reach critical mass and get beyond the pub circuit?
What ways are there to make money from what you’re doing now?

It’s all about generating ideas that you can use in the real world.

  • Saul Galpern, Nude Music Group
  • Rhiannon Price, Green House Group
  • Mike McNally, McNally Consulting
  • Rich Austen-Smith, Giant Men Management/Absolute Marketing
  • Jules Parker, Membership Development, PRS for Music

17.00-19.00 Networking drinks with live music

About The Great Escape

The Great Escape has established itself as the leading event in Europe for showcasing new talent from around the world, aimed at ‘export ready’ bands and Industry Professionals. TGE takes place in Brighton, UK over three days and nights every May with a total attendance of over 15,000 people including 5,000 industry professionals. A variety of insightful industry talks, panel debates, targeted networking sessions and key note interviews are run alongside performances from 350+ new local and international artists, themed parties and club nights in over 34 different venues.