Fair Ticketing Alliance launches

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UK ticket brokers have come together to launch the Fair Ticketing Alliance campaign to speak out in favour of secondary ticket operators.

The group are calling for a ‘fair, trustworthy and flexible ticket market that works for all live entertainment fans’.

Their three objectives include lobbying for; greater legal and regulatory clarity about existing UK laws on secondary ticketing; government and regulatory bodies to ensure that secondary website platforms allow brokers to comply fully with the law and; changes in UK laws to give responsible, secondary operators the right to resell tickets.

The alliance’s chairman, Stephen Lee, said: ‘The ticketing market is currently failing to address the needs of live entertainment fans in the UK. A well-functioning secondary market should correct flaws in the primary market, but we are hamstrung by legal uncertainty that helps neither operators nor consumers.

‘We believe responsible commercial operators should be free to resell tickets, like consumers, without unfair restrictions. In return, operators should be properly licensed and comply with the highest standards of ethics.’

The secondary ticketing market has faced increasing pressure from many corners of the entertainment industry over recent months, with the music business creating the FanFair Alliance to tackle unscrupulous practices within the live music sector.

The FanFair Alliance comprises of managers of Arctic Monkeys, One Direction, Mumford & Sons and PJ Harvey, who aim to combat the growing black market in ticket resales, which is now estimated to be worth more than £1bn per year.