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Law Holt

Law’s music shares as much DNA with Eartha Kitt as it does Laura Mvula: her songs are dark, uncomfortable, soulful and pop all at once.

Starting off as a jazz singer and pianist, she has gradually become increasingly experimental, packing a bewildering array of obtuse influences into each track.

Either Law has a very short attention span or she likes playing with us.

The emergent Edinburgh native, who has found kinship with local residents Young Fathers, uses disruptive beats and the gloomy weight of trip hop to pull her music in on itself. And, over the last few months, her leftfield approach has certainly paid off.

Impressive gigs supporting Young Fathers got tongues wagging in February, while a slew of primal tracks laid bare on Soundcloud have further upped the stakes.

January’s Scrambled sounds like it was made for the Twitter generation – it’s succinct, pretty and distracted, combining a bit of rap with a lot of soul.

Sister track OG, which appeared around the same time, follows a similar tack – part sing-song soul and part super-slick Skrillex-esque production.

But her latest release, the Lovers and Haters EP, could be her most accessible yet – listen here: https://soundcloud.com/lawholt/sets/haters-gangsters

Catch her at Edinburgh’s Hidden Door festival on 4 April, followed by Wide Days Edinburgh on 10 April. Summer dates include the Wickerman Festival on 25 June.


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